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Quotes from Partners

Quote - Download Rates retrieves 15 currencies daily, for 200 companies

Quote - Fast Clear History clears 49 million rows in 75 minutes!

Quote - 300c: A first partner contribution to the SDK! See JT's Blog.

Quote - Ship Orders: A critical feature added in 3 days!

Quote - Fast DBTools helps avoid pitfalls!

Quote - Fast Clear History saves days of time!

Quote - Custom Programming done professionally!

Quote - Create Company and Copy Company save setup time ... genius work!

Quote - Extended Create New Year creates a new year for 482 companies!
We added visual feedback and sorting features to assist the client.

Quote - Delete Quotes, SOX Check Approval answers the call.

Quote - Delete Quotes, A TaiRox Productivity Tool, speeds up day end.

Quote - Fast Data Integrity, saves a ton of time.

Quote - Fast Data Integrity, turns an 8 hour plus job into 6 minutes. More than 80x faster.

Quote - Fast Data Integrity, completes a 3 day job in less than 1.5 hours.

Quote - Fast Data Integrity, checking AP, AR, GL, IC, OE, PO, TX took 6 minutes and 39 seconds. Standard Data Integrity took 5 hours, 19 minutes and 42 seconds. 48x faster on a 15Gb database (running on a laptop).

Quote - TaiRox Products produce revenue!

Quote - Fast DBTools cuts 3 hours from a 4.5 hour job!

Quote - Extended Fiscal Calendar, a TaiRox Productivity Tool, was used by a client to update Fiscal Calendars in 89 companies in 1 operation.

Quote - Extended Order Entry, a TaiRox Productivity Tool, was enhanced at a client's request to "use a specific vendor when creating a PO from an order". We added this functionality within days of receiving the request.

Quote - Automate G/L Consolidation had a bug when run as a Windows Scheduled Task that was tricky to diagnose. Working together TaiRox and our partner were able to diagnose and we provided a "same day fix".

Quote - Our email blast announcing 4 new TaiRox Productivity Tools got an immediate response.