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Contact Us
Mail: 3828 West 17th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6S 1A4
Telephone:   604-805-1871
Text:   604-805-1871
Email: sales@tairox.com
How to Order
•  TaiRox sells through a Sage 300 Resellor of Record (ROR). Contact your ROR, indicating which TaiRox products you are interested in purchasing. Most resellers are familiar with TaiRox products. Your ROR will contact TaiRox and TaiRox will send a quote to your ROR.
•  Your ROR will contact you, providing a proposal. The proposal will normally include a number of hours for installation and training. Installation and training times vary from product to product and will depend on the relationship you have with your ROR.
•  Once you have settled payment terms with your ROR, your ROR will pay TaiRox, and TaiRox will send back the license keys required to run the TaiRox products.
•  TaiRox will provide support to your ROR, should questions arise.
•  Trial Products: TaiRox does not have disabled versions of our products. We do provide extensive videos so that you can see our products in operation. It is not possible to assess the value of TaiRox products without you and ROR investing several hours of installation and training time. In exceptional circumstances, TaiRox will license a product for a short trial period.