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Fast DBTools
Available for $995 + $250 per year, Fast DBTools launches programs from an interactive console that are faster and safer than the standard utilities, as well as unique, time-saving tools not otherwise available. Databases are displayed in a sortable, Sage 300-centric grid with Collation, Recovery Model and Log Space Available columns. PDF BrochureVideo
Read: Reindexing Sage 300 Tables and boost Sage 300 performance.
*New* Adjusted for Sage 300 2023.2 and 2023.3 - Login ID must have sufficient rights.
*New* Support is added for Sage 300 2023.
*New* When logging into a SQL Server instance, a checkbox allows users to remember SQL Server passwords. The remembered passwords are encrypted. Picture.
*New* Sage 300 Database Setup, shows DBSetup information in 2 grids. The top grid shows all system databases and the bottom grid shows all linked company databases. For selected company databases, the server name and credentials will be set to the system database settings. Picture.
"As if you need further testimonials ... Load complete in 1:20 ... a 40 GB database, had taken 4.5 hours" Scott A. Schreiner, Axis Integrated Solutions. Show complete quote.
"the little touches ... are so valuable ... a database dump ... nicely warns the user when there are SQL views in the database" Mark Binkley, DataQuest, Inc. Show complete quote.
Do It Faster
sneak-preview-dbtools-tng-x.png sneak-preview-dbtools-tng-x.png
•  DBLoad 5-6 times faster than with the standard utility. Fast DBTools uses SQL Server's BULK INSERT statement to achieve this performance gain.
•  DBDump dozens of databases in one multi-threaded step. Select the databases and walk away. No need for repetitive login and logout operations.
•  Copy databases from one SQL instance to another. Save 40% of the time by combining Fast DBDump and DBLoad operations.
•  Reindex large tables without locking out users. Improve Sage 300 performance for medium and large databases.
Do It Safer
db-dump-many-safe-csv.png db-dump-many-safe-csv.png
•  DBDump with exclusive access to a database. A dumped database may not be consistent if users are able to enter data during the dump.
•  Record the collation sequence with a DBDump dataset. If a user tries to load a dataset into a database that has a different collation, a warning will be presented.
•  Be warned if there are non-Sage 300 table changes. Stored procedures, views, triggers, extra tables and extra columns are not saved in a DBDump dataset.
Perform Unique Operations
dbtools-unique-operations.png dbtools-unique-operations.png
•  DBDump files in either a REC or CSV format. CSV files can be edited and reloaded using Fast DBTools' DBLoad utility.
•  Deactivate modules, clearing all the relevant tables. Modules are referenced in more tables than Sage's CSAPP table.
•  Display REC files without loading them into a database. Find what's in a dataset without loading it.
•  Create or Delete a Sage 300 database in one step. Avoid complex SQL Server and Database Setup utilities. Creation uses an existing Sage 300 database as a model.
Platform Requirements
• Sage 300 2012 to 2023: A single executable program works with these platforms.
• .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher is required.
•  Detailed Platform Requirements