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SOX Check Approval
Available for $1,795 + $450 per year, SOX Check Approval takes control of the Sage 300 check printing process. Checks for one or more companies are approved by managers from an easy-to-use, central console. Payment batches are prepared by staff and submitted for approval. One to Three levels of approval are required. Unapproved checks are removed from the payment batch and approved checks are released for printing and distribution. A full audit report is available as an Excel spreadsheet. Integrations with Altec DocLink and Orchid Document Management Link are available (requires an additional license of $995 + $250/year).
Download All The Essentials: PDF Handout (key info and video links in one file)
Watch a SOX Check Approval Overview: https://youtu.be/Fj6mJs_pT5k
*New* The ability to have the approval process be active for payment types other than Check has been added.
*New* support has been added for Sage 300 2021.
*New* An option "Restrict Vendors in Payment Batch to Vendors whose Bank Matches the Payment Batch Bank" has been added.
There are 3 different approval workflows as follows:
•  Strict: All checks must be approved at all levels This workflow lets you specify up to three levels of check approvers. Choose this workflow when the top level of approval must see all checks in all batches. This workflow was in prior versions.
•  Relaxed: Checks above level limits must be approved at higher levels Like the Strict workflow, this option lets you specify up to three levels of check approvers. Choose this workflow when the top levels of approval only want to see checks above specified limits. This workflow was in prior versions.
•  Simplified: Checks must be approved by a number of users This workflow lets you require up to three check approvers. Choose this workflow when each check requires more than one approver, but there is no hierarchy or order for approvers. This workflow is new.
Check Approval Audit Report: See User Guide
audit-report-sample.png audit-report-sample.png
Check Approval Console: See User Guide
check-approval-console.png check-approval-console.png
Features and Benefits - Console
•  Companies and batches are displayed in an easy-to-use tree view.
•  A 1-level, 2-level or 3-level approval process can be defined per company.
•  Batches can be sent back a previous approval level or all the way back to batch entry.
•  When a batch is approved, unapproved checks are removed from the batch and the batch is released for printing in the source company.
•  An audit log of all approval submission and approval activity is maintained.
•  Integration with Altec DocLink, Orchid Document Management Link and docSTAR Eclipse is provided (requires additional license).
Extended Payment Batch: See User Guide
check-approval-payment-batch.png check-approval-payment-batch.png
Features and Benefits - Extended Payment Batch List
•  Accounts Payable Payment Batch List and Payment Entry functions are replaced with versions that restrict the entry, approval and printing of checks.
•  A "Submit for Approval" button puts a batch into the "Check Creation in Progress" state, which stops further modification of the batch by staff.
•  When a payment batch is submitted for approval, the batch and its entries are copied from the source company into an Approval Database that is managed by the Check Approval Console.
•  When a payment batch of type System is submitted for approval, a prompt will allow users to change the type to Generated - so that another payment batch can be generated during the approval process.
Setup: See User Guide
check-approval-setup.png check-approval-setup.png
Features and Benefits - Setup
•  A system administrator can set up executive access and passwords, which are then encrypted and stored in the Sage 300 shared folder.
•  Companies can be set up so that lower levels of approval can approve checks within level limits.
•  A "payment codes excluded" list is maintained per company. These codes are excluded from the approval process. For example, a "wire transfer" may be part of a payment batch and has already been sent - it is not, therefore, a check to be printed.
•  A status display is available to assist administrators. All batches and all checks can be displayed in a grid.
•  The check approval database tables are created programmatically.
Sample Notification:
check-approval-notification.png check-approval-notification.png
System Overview - The use of SOX Check Approval is described in 3 documents, each one targeted at a different kind of user.
• Extended Payment Batch List User Guide is a document written for users of Sage 300 who prepare payment batches and submit them for approval.
• Check Approval Console User Guide is a document written for key users who will perform a 1, 2 or 3-step approval. These users may not be familiar with Sage 300.
• Check Approval Setup User Guide is a document written for system administrators who setup databases and configure the solution. Important Note: Reinstalling Desktop Menu Control to remove standard icons is required after performing any Sage 300 update.
Platform Requirements
• Sage ERP Accpac version 5.6 to 6.0 or Sage 300 2012 to 2021
• A single executable program works with all platforms
• Supported Languages: English, French and Spanish